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Our landscaping Sydney service encompasses the partial or complete landscaping of any garden, no matter the size or complexity. Whether you intend to make your backyard more kid friendly or if you seek to increase the overall aesthetic of your home, our professional Sydney landscaping service providers are prepared for the task.

Garden Restoration & Maintenance

Our Sydney Garden restoration and maintenance service involves the restoration or maintenance of any garden. More specifically, our team is able to improve the overall aesthetic of your outdoor space through the use of various restoration and maintenance processes.

Retaining Walls

Have you been thinking about adding some retaining walls to break up the look or need an advise on what will work best for your land? We will have the retaining wall solution for you. Four Seasons Landscaping and Gardening make sure that your garden retaining walls are a great way to make more out of your backyard and get the solution you want.

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Four Seasons Landscaping and Gardening

Four Seasons Landscaping and Gardening are Sydney’s premiere landscaping team focused on delivering you your dream garden.
Our team is determined to provide you with the perfect design to accommodate your needs and will work alongside you in order to accomplish your own unique finish. With over 15 years of experience there is no one better suited to helping you realise your gardens true potential.
From full-scale redevelopments to simple refurbishing, our trusted professionals will help you share our pride in your garden.
We provide our service all over Sydney so whether you’re looking for a complete make over or simply want to bring your garden back to life, make sure you get in touch with us today at 0410 104 360 for FREE Quote.

Turf Laying & Lawn Care

We are the experts in getting your lawn looking the way you want. We understand the difficult nature of maintaining your lawn as well as the tiresome task of keeping it healthy and lively. Whether it’s removing unwanted weeds or nourishing your pre-existing lawn with some much needed fertiliser we guarantee to have your yard looking brand new.

Garden Beds

Are you looking to grow your own herbs and veggies? Or do you simply want a simple feature piece to show off a colourful collection of flowers? We specialise in building the perfect garden bed to suit your needs. Garden beds, or garden boxes, are the perfect way to safely grow your garden without the interference of unwanted pests. Let us do the hard work so that you can reap the rewards!

Tree Pruning & Trimming

In this day and age time is of the essence – so the last thing we want to be spending time doing is pruning and trimming our out-of-control garden. If you need a helping hand in keeping your garden in check then you’ve found the best service in Sydney. We make sure that your garden remains healthy and full of life so that you can sit back and enjoy the benefits!


Do you want all the benefits of a rich, colourful garden without the hassle of putting it together? Leave it to us. Not everyone has a green thumb, but it seems we were born with them. We will happily work with you in choosing and planting the right flowers and herbs to help bring your garden to life.

Nursery Supply

Four Seasons Landscaping and Gardening takes all the fuss out of planning your beautiful gardens garden by supplying all of your garden needs.
Our range includes flowering bulbs, landscaping trees, shrubs and ground covers, indoor plants, bonsais and succulents, roses and produce plants.


Every garden needs important nutrients in order to grow, which is why fertilisation plays such a crucial role in seeing your garden flourish to its full potential. It’s important to provide your plants with the nourishment it needs to thrive in the ever-changing environment that Sydney provides.

Irrigation System

Haven’t got the time to give your lawn the attention it needs? Talk to us about installing an irrigation system for your garden.

Four Seasons Landscaping and Gardening have been installing custom-made systems for customers for over 15 years.

No matter what size your garden is we’re more than ready to help.

Given the scintillating heat that Sydney plays host to in the summer, your plants and lawn require extra attention to keep them alive through the hotter months.

Our expert team is ready to help you come up with the best possible solution to suit your needs are requirements – that way you can spend more time soaking up the great outdoors while your garden takes care of itself!

We provide our services all over Sydney

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Four Seasons Landscaping and Gardening is one of Sydney’s leading experts in garden makeovers and restoration.

We pride ourselves on providing the best advice and care for your garden, and with over 15 years of experience we’re certain that we will go above and beyond your expectations in creating the perfect living space for your backyard.

It’s one thing to come in and provide you with good service but our efforts go beyond just a simple visit and touch up. Our unrivalled knowledge allows us to pass on all the information you need to keep your garden looking in pristine condition.

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For additional information regarding our Sydney landscaping and gardening services, be sure to contact our team here at Four Seasons Landscaping & Gardening